Earlier this week more than 30 young people who grew up in the U.S. without papers turned themselves in to immigration authorities with hopes of being granted asylum. Many were deported, while others returned when their family members were forcibly removed.

Jaren Rodriguez Orellana, 20, literally had to go back to the most dangerous city in the world, San Pedro Sula, Honduras. He’s been stabbed, his house has been shot at and he’s been threatened with murder if he doesn’t pay gangsters $250 U.S. dollars each month.

He was the first person in the group to enter immigration custody.

Want more on this story? Visit to read “Deported Dreamers Fleeing Violence Fight to Come Home.”

Help us Bring Jaren and the 150 other families home!

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Water is critical to all life on earth. In fact, as you probably already knew, your own body is made up of mostly water. Edward Burtynsky is known for his breathtaking photos of humans’ impact on nature. 

For his latest project, Edward teamed up with renowned filmmaker Jennifer Baichwal to create a documentary about our most precious resource. 

Landscape Photographer Creates Documentary About Water

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